UK AFib Summit

24 January, 2020 - Binley, Warwickshire , UK

Join your colleagues for a 2-day meeting on 23-24 January designed to provide UK physicians with the rationale, data and insights to expand treatment of AF and  LAAM across a range of surgical approaches.

Led by an experienced multi-disciplinary faculty, this interactive program includes therapy workshops, expert presentations, live in box case discussions and latest clinical and guideline updates.

Cardiac Surgeons, Electrophysiologists and Practitioners with an interest or focus in surgical AFib and LAAM

All levels

S. Ahsan MD; R. Kaba MD; A. Momin MD; C. Blauth MD; S.Hunter MD; J.Billing MD; M. Dalrymple-Hay MD; D.Eaton MD


Thursday 23rd January 2020

1700-1900: Innovation Suite highlighting the latest technology advancements.

1900- 2000: Key note presentation by Edward Rowland MD, Medical Director, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

Friday 24th January 2020

0830 to 1600: Scientific Program

-Key note presentation: Syed Ahsan MD
-Welcome & objectives of the day: Syed Ahsan MD
-‘Treatment” is the new gold standard: M. Dalrympole-Hay MD
-High-risk Patients – when to treat: J.Billing MD
-AF Mortality and costs, the benefits in concomitant and CABG patients: Dr. Providencia MD
-Anti-coagulation in AF surgery: who carries the burden?: J.Billing MD


-AF in Heart Failure. A cause or consequence?: Chris Blauth MD
-Box lesion with a clamp: S.Hunter MD
-Non-atriotomy approach: M. Dalrympole-Hay MD
-Epicardial LAAM. Debate: To treat or not to treat? EP and CS perspective: S.Hunter MD & R.Kaba MD


-The role of surgical LAAM closure – how the data supports practice: D. Eaton MD
-Live in the Box – Stand alone LAA – new approaches with new technology: S.Hunter MD
-Electrical isolation of the LAA – why is it important?: S. Ahsan MD
-New technologies in hybrid ablation – perspectives on posterior wall ablation: A. Momin MD & R.Kaba MD


-Why treat AF? How to navigate administration and coding: P. Braidley MD
-When and how in the face of an epidemic – should the UK be taking the lead in reducing the AF burden: S. Ahsan M.D/All. UK Hybrid steering group.

Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire.

Brinklow Road, Binley, Warwickshire CV3 2AB.