AtriCure Virtual Symposium during EACTS 2020

09/10/2020, 1:15 pm-2:30 pm - EACTS portal

Faculty: Jaswinder Singh Gill, MD; Riyaz Kaba, MD; Bart Maesen, MD; Aziz Momin, MD; Piotr Suwalski, MD

The 34th European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting will take place 08-10 Oct 2020. AtriCure will organize several activities during the congress such as the virtual symposium on Friday 9th October. The symposium is part of the EACTS program, to see the event please register as a delegate for the EACTS Congress.


Emerging concepts of hybrid AF options, Friday 9th October from 13:15 to 14:30 CET.

Treatment of persistent AF is changing rapidly, and cardiothoracic surgeons have a vital role to play. To find out more please join a distinguished faculty of cardiothoracic surgeons and electrophysiologists who will present and discuss recent clinical data on hybrid AF surgery and what this means for cardiothoracic surgeons both now and for the future. Join the real-time virtual symposium on Friday 9th October from 13:15 to 14:30 CET.

The symposium will focus on the effectiveness of combining epicardial and endocardial ablation strategies for the treatment of patients with persistent AF. Drawing on published data, it will further emphasize the value of the formation of a heart team thereby combining the expertise of electrophysiologists and cardiac surgeons to optimise patient outcomes.

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